Sunday, 1 June 2014

Yeah I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I feel like we were just in the MTC yesterday! We were the only sisters in the zone last transfer but this transfer two more came but they didn’t come the President’s house that’s why they are not in the picture. WOOHOO for Jared (Cannon)!! I can´t believe it!! He is already heading out on his mission!!! How crazy!! Let’s see how many missionaries we can have at one time in the ward!!

Discouragement? From me? Nah! haha! I’m not going to lie, this work is hard and it should be. Elder Holland once addressed some mission presidents and he told them something like this: Presidents, you will surely one day have a missionary ask you ¨President, why is this so hard? We have the truth and we know it. Why shouldn’t the only difficulty in this work be from getting pneumonia from standing in the baptismal font all day?¨ Then he explained about the Atonement and all that Christ suffered and said: this work isn´t easy because salvation is not cheap. It never was. And if your missionaries want to bring people salvation that means that they have to be prepared to walk part of the path He walked and pay part of the price He paid. I don’t remember it exactly but just look up in you tube Elder Holland atonement and missionary work and you’ll find the video. It is so moving and has stayed with me. Really it should be just that simple as standing all day in the baptismal font, but it’s not that easy. We have to pay a price. If we really want to represent the Savior that means that we have to be willing to suffer part of what He suffered. Quite a few authorities spoke about it in General Conference. They call it being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Of course it’s not easy. What good thing is? But it is the most satisfactory in the entire universe!!

We went to the temple today!!!!!! It was so great!!!! And there were three members of our ward working in the temple that we got to see! IT was awesome!!!!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!! I love the peace and soft words and pretty music and wonderful people!! I love LIFE!!!!!!!! Next week is transfers and I think I might be leaving but I’m not sure. I have already been here for three transfers (four and a half months), but I’m training so I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen! We´ll see!

I think that´s about all I’ve got for right now! I love you!!! Let me know what’s happening!

Hermana Arntsen

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