Sunday, 29 June 2014

June 23, 2014 E-mail

So, this week was incredible!!! We had Zone Conference, and then two days later Sister’s Conference. Zone Conference was great! We learned all about the nature of this work and the importance of faith and really believing that Heavenly Father can and WILL do anything and everything to save His children, and all we have to do is work and work and work and believe and believe and believe some more! More often than not the work we actually do has nothing to do with the miracles that Heavenly Father makes happen, but He makes them happen because He sees that we believe that they can happen and we are working so that they do. If that makes any sense!

We have been practicing English this week with Hermana Fuzaro, because she wants to go to BYU after the mission. So I’ve been all over the place with languages and words and grammar, and I just have it all mixed up now—haha! Then we had the Sister’s Meeting, and it was without doubt the most spiritual and inspired meeting that I have ever been in in my entire life!! And I really mean that! I can’t think of another meeting that affected me so much! All the leaders follow divine inspiration, and we were drowning in the Spirit! Our time is short and our purpose is clear! Help as many of God’s children as possible start their eternal journal to exaltation by being baptized!! Where Michael and Cassie are right now is where we want everyone to be! That is the vision that Heavenly Father has for all of His children! And that after they continue faithful and will stand in your place, Mom, on Thursday and watch their generations follow in their footsteps! 

In short GREAT WEEK!!!! Great week for the Arntsen family in all the world!!! Great week for family of God in all the world!!!!!!

Hermana “cardboard-head” Arntsen :D

(We took a cardboard cutout of Megan to the wedding. One of Caitlin's friends thought Megan was actually there!)

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