Sunday, 15 June 2014

June 9, 2014 E-mail


Yep bikes again! I actually like this bike better than the last one, and it´s not nearly as high grade! You have to pedal backwards to brake!! I really like biking!

The suburbs (Provincia they call it) are really nice and tranquil. We actually have a little house that we live in. They call it a house, but it´s closer to a studio apartment. It is a house in that it has its own little plot next to some other ones and isn´t in another building. It rained twice this week but what tender mercy only in the morning, and it stopped when we went out to work! Heavenly Father knows what He´s doing! Yeah my comp is AMAZING! Her English is almost flawless, and we are working on her Castellano and she´s teaching me a little of Portuguese! Yes, I’m finishing her training. She has two weeks left of training, because she arrived in between transfers. But I forget that she only has three months in the field because she´s so great!

How is the ward doing with missionary work? Do the investigators come to church?

I’m learning a lot about the people from Paraguay. There are a ton of people from Bolivia and Peru in the city, but here we are a mountain away from Paraguay. Another culture to know! And they speak two languages: Spanish and Guarani. Pretty cool, huh! Oh, and I forgot to tell you before in Caballito there was a couple in the ward that were mission presidents in Paraguay, and they met President  Heyman and his wife a few times.  How cool is that?!

FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD!!!! Let´s make some more and share the Gospel!!!!

Herman Arntsen

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