Sunday, 8 June 2014

June 3, 2014 E-mail

You will NEVER guess the miracle that happened this week!!! We had interviews with President and that is when they bring everything from the office all the mail and all the pamphlets and stuff that we need. Well, I had a surprise waiting for me: your Valentine’s package!!! The chocolate was actually still really good!! Reese’s!!! Yum! I was SO happy so thanks a lot for sending it! And the socks were desperately needed, so it was all just perfect! Everything just sounds so great at home!! Enjoy the heat, and I’ll start enjoying the cold! Haha!

So we had transfers....and I GOT TRANSFERRED!! I’m now in provincia (like the suburbs) called Villa Adelina. My companion is Hermana Fuzaro from Brazil! She speaks almost perfect English and is rockin’ it with Spanish! She is so great! We are going to explode this place!! Also, WE RIDE BIKES!! I just can’t escape it! My fate is to ride bikes. It’s actually not bad--I like it. You just need to pray for our safety because there aren't bike lanes here, but the Lord protects His missionaries!!

I don’t have a lot to tell because I don’t know anyone yet--haha! But you will never believe what happened! We got here in the taxi and we didn't have the keys. The other sister had left in such a hurry that she left the keys in the gate (you have the reach around and close from the inside), and when I arrived they weren't there. Ah! So, we are unloading the luggage and thinking what to do when a man on a bike shouts “Hi, Sisters!” It turns out is a member from the ward. So he stayed without luggage will we went with the taxi to the apartment of the zone leaders (who have a copy of the key). When we got back the brother was still there and our neighbor had gotten back, too. And, as it turns out the taxi man was born in this city and has family who are members and gave us the address of his mom and sister who live in our area!!!! What miracles are already happening!!

Loving it!!

Hermana Arntsen

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