Sunday, 22 June 2014

June 16, 2014 E-mail

Guess what!! Last Monday we had to go to the offices to get some supplies, and I looked in the mail for the wedding announcement, but it wasn’t there. Then a couple days later we had to go for an interview and up comes Hermana Lines from the offices and says hey!! You have mail!!! There was a postcard from the beach--how pretty, a DearElder from Liz Carroll, another postcard from a friend from BYU and.....drum roll please......MICHAEL’S WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! It´s so CUTE!! I’m so excited about the wedding!!

This week was a little tiring because my beloved companion got the flu and basically we stayed inside all week. :( But the good news is that she is all better now and we are going to get to work this week!!!!!!!!!!! So this week also started the Mundial or World Cup! Last night Argentina played. There is no one in the street. Literally. No one. And when they score a goal everyone is shouting and they throw bombs out their windows. Well, they are essentially like fireworks but without the pretty lights, just the noise. So, it sounds like WWII outside the house. It was a little freaky last night when we did go out, but Hermana Fuzaro says you just have to get used to it. If we feel that we are in danger, we go back to the house ,of course, and inform our leaders but other than that we can work. The hard part is finding anyone to talk to during the game because EVERYONE is watching it, and they get mad if you interrupt. Especially if Argentina is playing! They are wonderfully patriotic here. I like it.

So, that was my slightly uneventful week. But, a happy one in the end. Always happy in the service of the Lord! The bright side is always better and the good cause always wins!

Have the BESTEST week ever!!
Hermana Arntsen

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