Monday, 30 December 2013

December 23 and December 30, 2013 E-mails


I am alive! The flight was good but tiring. In Sacramento the plane had to wait for another plane to move so we left only like ten minutes late, but then in Dallas we got on the plane and there was technical difficulty after technical difficulty. Something about tray table and a rear door being open I don´t know. I sat exactly in the middle of the plane. Three rows: two seats, five seats, two seats. I sat in the middle of the five seat row. For ten and a half hours. It is SO hot! Well not really hot but humid! Sweat, sweat, sweat! But oh well ‘así es.’ The city is amazing! My first area here is Congreso. Right smack dab in the middle of the city! We have la Casa Rosada and the Obelisk and the Congress building in our area. It is so great!! My companions are Hermana Sabrina Escobar from Cordoba Argentina and Hermana Lindsey Dunn from Idaho. They are the Sister Training leaders. Oh and Hermana Dunn is the mission nurse, so if I have a problem she is literally right there! They are the best! They are such hard workers and I have a ton to learn from them! I´m so grateful for them!! We are teaching some amazing people, and the ward is so great!! President Ayre and Herman Ayre had been waiting for me and Hermana Jensen since the MTC! They said we were the last visa waiters to come. I love them so much! They are wonderful!! Couldn´t ask for better leader! I am so excited to be here and to work!! Oh yikes I am running out of time!

Love you all Merry Christmas!!!

Hermana Arntsen



So, since we talked on Christmas Day not too much has happened. I´m all better no more icky nasty stomach stuff! I have been getting these huge bug bites though. Like bigger and more itchy than mosquitos, so either there are some nasty mosquitos here or it´s something else. Hermana Scarlett thinks it is bed bugs because she slept on my mattress for a while when the two Congreso companionships lived together and she got bites just like that and no one else did. But then Hermana Dunn checked my mattress and didn´t see any bed bugs, but we will figure it out.

We are teaching some amazing people! Mario is this 57ish year-old man. He is awesome and came to church yesterday for the first time in a white button up shirt tie and pants! Whoo hoo! He looked so spiffy and I think he knew it. It´s so true that when you dress your best you do your best! Also we are teaching Moises, a young man who is a nurse of some sort I think. He is really cool. Last Sunday he downloaded the app for the hymns on his phone and he was trying to find the scriptures too! Boss! They both have baptismal dates! Mario is going to be baptized this Saturday!!!! And Moises the next week because he just left on vacation! Then we are also teaching this family of 6, Domingo, dad, Fabiana, mom, Cinthia, 14, twin girls (I don´t know how to spell their names), 7, and Matias, 3. Domingo and Fabiana and Cinthia all accepted baptismal dates for the 12! Cinthia for sure she is amazing! She says that every time she reads the Book of Mormon it gives her energy. I suppose would be a good translation, it excites her that´s better. 'Me da animo' is what she said. Yeah excites her is the better translation. She is so great!

Saturday night we were planning, and we send Bishop a text to let him know who we expected at church on Sunday. He returned with a phone call and told me and Hermana Dunn that we were speaking in church about the New Year and goals. Church starts at 9:30am and it´s about a 20 minute bus ride. So we had no time in the morning. But somehow we prepared and gave talks yesterday. Hermana Escobar said it was good and that I only said like four little mistakes in 10 minutess, so that is really great!

Everything is great here I am LOVING it!!! Couldn´t ask for a better call!!!

Love you,

Hermana Arntsen


Friday, 20 December 2013

December 18, 2013

Megan made it to Argentina! 

Megan and Mission President Ayre and Sister Ayre in Buenos Aires!

December 17, 2013

Photos from Megan's time in Sacramento.

Megan and members in Sacramento.

Megan and missionaries in Sacramento.

Monday, 9 December 2013

December 9, 2013 E-mail


Well I got the big news out of the way but if there is anyone else that may be reading this I GOT MY VISA!! This time next week I will be on a plane! I'm so excited! I know this only happened because of all the prayers, most of which have not come from my mouth. I'm so grateful for all the support from everyone!!! Argentina here I come!

Tell Tim (Puente) congratulations for me!! That is so exciting! I bet there are thousands and thousands of people in Michigan just a'waiting to hear the Gospel there! He will be a great missionary!

Tell Grandpa I love him and have his picture on my wall! Always think of you all!

Sister Scott, there is nothing to it! It's hard to not be happy when you're serving! Because every act of service is an act of service to God and He always blesses and rewards us for every kind act!

I'm so excited to go to the Gilbert temple! It's so wonderful that we have one EVEN closer! If Mesa wasn't close enough how's Gilbert! That just shows how extremely important temples are! Disneyland is not the happiest place on Earth-- the TEMPLE IS!!

In California Sacramento mission we get four temple times a year one, of which is the Mission Temple Day that we have in December. We have a Christmas Conference with talent shows and talks and nativities and a temple session for the whole mission! It is actually this week on Wednesday! I'm so excited to go to the temple again! Nothing is better!! In fact, me and my whole district are singing in the Christmas Conference on Wed. Wish us luck!
Yes we find wonderful people to teach! We have pages and pages of potential investigators but the best people that we find we know about from the members! There is no better teaching situation than when a member invites his/her friend to hear the missionaries or to come to church!!!!!!!!

I'm so jealous for those missionaries (that you are cooking for in the Tempe Mission Zone Conference this week)! It's always the best when we have members cook at Zone Conference!

I love you all so much! And I thank you for your support and prayers!

Hermana Arntsen <3

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thanksgiving Day e-mail! (11/28/13)

This week was awesome! A lot of things happened: we have some great investigators, we had Zone Conference, we almost burned down the apartment, and we finally reached p-day!!

Zone Conference was really cool. Elder David Baxter of the Presidency of the Seventy was there (after coming from NC at Mary's mission :D). President had asked me to play the piano. Well Sister Lewis was the one who asked haha! It was incredible! I kind of biffed a song pretty bad but that's ok. Elder Baxter was amazing! His trainings were so great and the Spirit was so strong!!! It was so wonderful to meet a special witness of Jesus Christ and be taught by him.

I guess I had better tell you about the fire before you freak out.... Well the other week Hermana Hanson bought a couple little candles because our apartment doesn't smell so great sometimes. And she had used them so much the wicks had gone out. Well, I thought of our little candle warmer and suggested that we put them on the stove on low. So we did that for about a week and it was fine and perfectly dandy and worked like a charm. Then a few nights ago, somehow the stove was turned on low like normal it was on high.... Yeah.... Well the wax of both candles caught on fire and was burning in the glass. I noticed it right before the smoke detector went off. Then, we don't have a fire extinguisher in the apt so we were trying to figure out what to do. Hermana. Freestone thought to put water on it but when she did that the flame just flared up massively. Thanks to a loving Heavenly Father, nothing else caught on fire in the apartment. Then I found the tongs in the dishwasher, but when Hermana Hanson went to pick up the first one it shattered and spilt wax on the stove. But the second one did not shatter; it was the only one still burning. We got it outside (luckily we live on the first floor) and we put it out with some dirt. That was an adventure. Then the last few days leftover smoke and burning wax has set off the smoke detector, but we are all fine.

We also got a new car this week. It's really nice a 2013 Toyota with a touch screen radio! Also I had an epiphany! Dad, when you and Mom serve a mission later you should definitely be called to be the vehicle coordinator for a mission! You would be perfect!!! And all the missionaries would love you Mom!! Just food for thought! 

Then I forgot to tell you we didn't have p-day on Monday because of Thanksgiving but today it was an ALL DAY P DAY!!! Whoot!! A nice family fed us wonderful turkey and everything!! I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! 

Also, if anyone reading this has good faith-promoting experiences about the law of tithing or any principle of the Gospel, and you feel comfortable, please could you share them with me? I would really appreciate it! :D Missionary opportunity right here! Also please do not forget the challenge to bring one nonmember to church or an activity before Christmas! I know that the Lord will help you and you will have success it you put your heart, mind, and soul into it! Your friends and family are the people who are ready to hear the Gospel!! But we as missionaries can't always get to them, you can! 

Love you all!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hermana Arntsen

Megan and a member in Tracy, CA

Decorating a Christmas tree at Thanksgiving!