Sunday, 6 July 2014

June 30, 2014 E-mail

So this week was interesting. We didn’t get to work too much because Hermana Fuzaro has a problem with her foot. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong, it was just hurting a ton. Funny story actually so we had called Hermana Ayre (mission president’s wife) because she is the nurse now that Hna Dunn went home, and she gave us the number of a 'podologo' which we thought was a podiatrist. So we made an appointment for next week when they had available. Then on Sunday, a member told us that a 'podologo' is for the nails of the feet like infections, ingrown toenails, things like that. So we talked to the counselor in the bishopric who is a doctor and he confirmed what the sister had told us. He said we needed to see a trauma doctor. The president of the RS offered to take us to the hospital that day so that it didn’t get worse. So we talked to Sister Ayre, and she said go for it! So we spent all afternoon yesterday in the hospital. But the wonderful thing about Argentina is that all public healthcare is free! (And education too even college) So they took an x-ray and it turns out she has a stress fracture in her ankle. So we have to rent a boot and she can’t work for a week, and then for two weeks after she has to take it easy but work a little. So this week it looks like President is going to send us to the office a couple days to do some work there. So it will be another fun week and a little boring because we won’t get to work so much but it’s better to give up this little time so that Hermana Fuzaro can have the other 15 months without problems in her mission! She has a great attitude and I’m really lucky to be her companion!!!

So we are teaching this one family from Paraguay. Selva is the mom, she is a member and so great! She knows the truth and that is the truth for her! And her son, Nicolas, is also a member and he just recently returning to activity and his girlfriend, Mabel, who isn’t a member. She is really sweet and a little shy, but she came to church on Sunday!! Nicolas always makes us tortilla Praguaya when we go over! It is so yummy! It is basically like a thick pancake that you fry in oil and then the Paraguayos eat it with bread so it’s a lot of calories, haha! But Soooo yummy!!! Also, we are teaching Zaira, the mother of two members, Franco and Noelia who is on a mission in Chile right now. Zaira is really great! She is so motherly to us, and Noelia is doing her part from her mission in every letter leaving her mother scriptures to read. Our area isn’t actually in the country, so to speak. It’s just like Chandler, the suburbs—just a lot of houses and places to shop. It’s actually neighboring the ward to where President lives, so that’s cool. :D
Love you tons!!!!!
Hermana Arntsen

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