Sunday, 13 July 2014

July 7, 2014 E-mail

So, this week was actually surprisingly great!!!!!! OnTuesday we had a mission devotional and an “Argentine Cultural Activity,” or in other words we got to watch the AGENTINA WORLD CUP GAME!!!!!!! Vs. Switzerland. We won, of course! We got together as a mission in the school of the kids of President Ayre because they are on vacation and got to watch the game. They grilled over 700 hamburgers!! Monday in the evening President sent us to his house to help his wife cut up all the onions and tomatoes because we couldn´t work anyway. Then Wednesday through Friday we went to the office after lunch! They put us to work!

I shredded papers (thanks for helping me gain experience before the mission, haha!), and made the packets for the new missionaries that come in, and most importantly worked on the mission history. The mission has to keep a record of the things that happen month to month and at the end of the year they send it in to HQ. Well they still hadn’t finished last year’s history, so I finished it up and then updated this year’s. It made me feel like a journalist! But I did in Spanish—yikes! Fortunately, there is an Elder in the office from Mexico, so he proofread it for me! Elder and Sister Lines, the senior office couple, were SO appreciative of the help. They are from Safford, Gila Valley, AZ!! Elder Lines has a cattle ranch! And Sister Lines is a choir pianist at the university! So, we get along real well. Elder Lines actually reminds me a lot of Dad. Then the fourth was also Elder Lines’ birthday, so Sister Lines brought in brownies and Hermana Fuzaro made brigadero which is a kind of Brazilian caramel. Really yummy!! She made it into balls and rolled it in coconut! You would have loved it! I’ll have to make it for you or you could try it. Hna Fuzaro says she loves it best with cashews inside.

Then Saturday there was an Open Chapel in Villa Ballester which is right next door so we went to help with that and it was great! A few people accepted baptismal dates!!! Then last night was the Despedida of the missionaries that are finishing this transfer. They did it yesterday because next Sunday (when it would normally be) there is a game and it’ll be dangerous. We brought Hermana Fatima Garcia, the counselor in the RS, and her husband Favio, non-member and Jewish. He really liked it and said that he would come to mine in November!! That seed is growing!!!

This week President said we can also watch the game on Wednesday!! With a member, and if we take the two hours out of our p-day today but we still can’t really work so it doesn’t affect us much. This week we can get out and work but only a little bit, and we might have to go to another doctor and get a second opinion because Hna Fuzaro says it’s been hurting her more than ever and doesn’t feel like it’s getting better. :( Pray for her!!

I love you so much!!!!!!!!

Keep up your missionary efforts! Don’t you forget your responsibility! We knew these people before coming to earth, and we promised them that we would find them and help them receive the Gospel! This is no trivial work!! This IS ETERNAL LIFE!!!!!!
Hermana Arntsen

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