Sunday, 27 July 2014

July 21, 2014 E-mail

Again I forgot the camera thing a majig!! Sorry!! We left the house quickly to get to the other chapel because we played volleyball and soccer as a zone! Then we ate Chilean hot dogs!!

So this week was good. The sister who was here before was sick for a week and they couldn’t work, so we have a lot of finding to do. But thanks to a few referrals from the members we are finding more people to teach and we just found out that our area is bigger than we thought! Woohoo!! More area means more people, and more people means more baptisms!!!!!! More baptisms means a bigger celestial kingdom!!!!!! So no complaints! Jean Carlos was going to get baptized this Saturday, but he couldn’t come to church yesterday. His mother, a less active member, has two hernias and two ruptured discs in her back so when the pain is too much, which it almost always is, she has to stay home and they can’t leave her alone. We will see what happens this week. There are some members here that are so great! They always help us and they do such a great job!

Attention!! Attention all reading this letter and/or blog!!! If you have not gone on a visit with the missionaries DO IT!!!! It is one of the most spiritual experiences that you can have!!!!! Just find your local Elders and/or Sister and say ¨Hey, when can I accompany you?¨ And, if they are good missionaries, they will be so excited and say ¨Whenever you want! When are you free? We have an appointment this day and this time. Could you come?¨ And maybe you will be there for thirty minutes to an hour and you will feel the Spirit so strongly and you will give your testimony and you will help someone in their eternal progress! And then you will leave feeling so good inside and Heavenly Father will bless you in every other aspect of your life! And you will want to feel that special spirit again because it’s a different feeling in missionary work and you will become addicted to that spirit that you can’t get anywhere else and then you will have to do your own missionary work to keep it with you because you can’t always be with the missionaries and then pretty soon you will be inviting the missionaries to your house because some friends are coming over to hear them and that feeling will triple in intensity and you will experience “more joy than you have ever experienced!” (The First Presidency, letter to the reader, Preach My Gospel)!!!!!!!!!!

That is the truth! That is my testimony. There is more joy in watching someone that you have grown to love accept your most precious treasure than in any other pursuit in the Gospel! Do it! And Do. Not. Wait. There is no time to lose!
Love you all!!!!! (Especially you MOMMY!!!!)

Hermana Arntsen

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