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August 4, 2014 E-mail


This week was good! We found some new people to teach and our leaders are really inspiring us to work even more and give even more to the Lord!! They are the best! Actually one of my Zone Leaders was my District Leader in Caballito and the other one was also in the Zone in Caballito, and quite a few other elders in the zone were in my other zones and one was my District Leader, too. It’s like a great big reunion! I really like this ward!! It is so great!

Two of those people we found are Anita and Domingo. They are from Peru. They are an older couple going through some rough times. Another investigator who works next door told us about them. We went and visited them for the first time on Thursday, and we got all the family around because their cousins were there for a birthday celebration. Turns out that one of their cousin’s daughters used to live here and actually got baptized here, but went inactive and now lives in a different city about two hours away. So, we got to help here remember the importance of the church, too! Then we visited them again on Saturday and they hadn’t read and said that they couldn’t come to church because they had to go watch their grandkids so their son could go work. With all the help of the Spirit we explained about the Sabbath day and shared 2 Nephi 31:10. Upon reading it, Domingo looked us in the eyes and said “Now I understand the importance of this day. I promise to go tomorrow. And when I promise something I deliver. I will wait for you to come get us until 9:15, and if you don’t show up by then I will start walking myself.” The incredible part is that he doesn’t walk very well. He is diabetic and because of an accident they had to amputate part of his foot, so he walks with crutches or is in a wheel chair! Wel,l we did show up before 9:15 with the counselor in the Bishopric, who has a car, to give them a lift. When Sacrament meeting was over they said “This happens every Sunday?”  Yes. “We are going to come next Sunday then.”

Apart from the Spirit, I have the strong impression that the loving hearts of the members are what helped them feel so comfortable! The brother who drove them was chatting with them and showed them where to sit and introduced them to other people. Bishop came over and personally introduced himself and chatted a little and a mountain of other members came and said “Hi, welcome to the ward.” THE MEMBERS ARE ESSENTAIL IN THE CONVERSION OF INVESTIGATORS!!!! Can”t say it enough! And I don’t think I will ever stop saying it!! YOU GOT THE POWER!!! (You have to imagine the song there ;D)

Today we are going to celebrate Elder Estrada”s birthday with the bishop and his wife. We are going to play basketball and soccer and Hermana Bishop is going to cook a feast!!! I’m way excited! Because she is Peruvian, and they cook the BEST FOOD EVER!!!!!

Love you!!
Hermana Arntsen

Megan and Hermana Pardo plus 2 more sisters!

Megan with Brother and Sister Lines, mission secretaries.

The Villa--so glad they only let the Elders go here!!

Megan and Hermana Fuzaro

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