Sunday, 17 August 2014

August 11, 2014 E-mail

Crazy story: about a month ago there was an investigator, Ariel, who was going to be baptized. He had his interview and everything and is really great. But he disappeared before his baptism and his mom, who doesn’t like us, said he went to another city to help his uncle or something. Well we were walking down the street one day and POOF! He appeared! He was running to catch a bus. My companion shouted to him but he didn’t hear. So guess what we did! We ran after him and got on the bus, too! A bus that we had never taken and didn’t know where it went, just to talk to Ariel! Well, that was Saturday and he had to work on Sunday :( but we have an appointment today, so we’ll see how it goes!!

So, last Monday we celebrated to birthday of Elder Estrada with the bishop and his family at the church. The bishop’s wife cooked so well!!! And we played some soccer (I scored three goals!) and basketball. Then there was a cake, but it was a fondant cake so we couldn’t smash the elder’s head in it (which is tradition) so the sister made some frosting aside and we threw it in his face which turned into a war! haha!

Any way I have a couple challenges for everyone this week in Preach My Gospel!
1) Read in chapter five, the section that says the Book of Mormon Testifies of Christ. (It’s short so don’t worry) and read a couple scriptures form the Scripture Study box below (PMG is a workbook not a textbook!) Then share what you learned with a friend who doesn’t know what the Book of Mormon is (via FB or in person but however you feel you should!)

    2) In your next FHE use chapter three (the missionary lessons) to teach the lesson. They are really great at explaining principles simply, and there are boxes to help you study further (workbook :D)

Those are my challenges for this week! I promise that as you do them with faith and real intent you will feel more of the Spirit in your life and the unmeasurable joy that comes from sharing the Gospel! Why? Because THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!! THIS IS REAL!!! Every single living person came to this earth to FIND the GOSPEL! And we have it so, we’ve got to SHOW IT!!!

Love you!!!!

Hermana Arntsen
Megan made brownies for her district!

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