Sunday, 31 August 2014

August 26, 2014 E-mail

SO.......big NEWS......I'M TRAINING AGAIN!!!!! So, this is trainee number four! (1.Hermana Segovia, 2. Hermana Hernandez, and 3. Hermana Fuzaro). And, training is two transfers so it looks like I’m going to “die” training in Parque Patricios. Of the five sisters that are coming only one is Latina so odds are I’m training an American. It’ll be great!!! Hermana Jensen says it’s the best way to “die.” This was the biggest curve ball of my life! I was definitely not expecting it. That is something that I am learning--the Lord’s plan is sometimes very different from what we have in mind (“my thoughts are not your thoughts...”), but His plan is always but ALWAYS better.

The way to pure happiness is made sure with two things only: 1) obedience, and 2) accepting the will of the Lord. If we are always doing these two things, we will be happy. And the trials and tribulations we face, we will be able to trample under our feet!! Why? Because Heavenly Father is obligated to bless us when we obey. This I know from my own experience independent of any other person. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, the Savior Himself, the very Lord who created the earth created this church and it is His. Remember: every one came to earth to find the Church!!!! HELP THEM DO IT!!!!

Love you!!!!
Hermana Arntsen
Several sister missionaries and Brother Lines at the mission office.

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