Sunday, 30 March 2014

March 24, 2014 E-mail

WOW!!! Your letters just keep getting better and better!!! I love it!!! Everything is going so great!! I can definitely see the blessings of Heavenly Father in your lives!!! The baptism of Nicole sounds wonderful!! It’s incredible the power of members!! I’m really starting to see your power as members!

Our Bishop is incredible here! He’s really felt the fire of missionary work! There is a school of soccer that uses our cancha (court?) to practice, and Bishop went and invited the head coach and his family to church. They showed up yesterday! They couldn’t stay because of another commitment but Bishop took them on a tour of the chapel and they said they would come next week!! He’s been talking to more of the parents too and inviting them! We are going to start teaching English classes for the parents during the practices and expose them a little more.

Also, last week was Stake Conference and a member from another ward gave us a referral of a friend who lives in our area. We called her, Carmen, and told her about the times of church because she wanted to come. She showed up, too!! Just in time for Gospel Principles and Sacrament Meeting (the order is reversed in this ward). She said that it was all so pretty (the people call everything pretty, I love it!) The theme of Sacrament meeting was seminary and afterwards Carmen asked what it was and said she wanted to bring her daughters! And she wants to come next week to the General Women’s Broadcast!! Also, Rosaura, 14, last week asked me for a Book of Mormon to give to her friend at school. Yesterday she told me that her friend and her whole family want to come to church!! Who’s got the power?? THE MEMBERS HAVE GOT THE POWER!!!! :)

Also, we have been visiting Eduardo, 18, who is essentially the adopted son of a Brother in the ward. He had been a little shy of commitments before so we dropped him, but last week we picked him back up and we gave him a baptismal date for the 6th of April. But then we thought that that was way too far away so we went and changed it to the 29th of March, and he said he wasn’t sure if he felt ready for that. Later that day the Brother called and told us that he had talked with Eduardo and he was confirming the baptism of Eduardo on the 29th of March!!! The best phone call I’ve ever received in the mission!!! But then yesterday there was an emergency in the family and a granddaughter is in the hospital so we might actually be scheduling it for the 6th but we’ll see what happens. Missionaries don’t baptize-- members do!!!! So, who can you invite?

Tim Puente is leaving already?! Wow time flies!! We are going to watch conference in our building because it’s bigger that the Stake Center! This chapel is gigantic!! I’ll take lots of pictures!

I hope you have the best week and remember the example of the Savior! He admonished us to do as He did, and He never gives a commandment that we cannot complete! Remember the last commandment He gave to His apostles: love one another! It is my testimony that is every person in the world embraced this simple commandment, we would have no problems! NO hunger, no poor, no wars, no disputations, nothing but peace and happiness!! IT´S TRUE!!!! Love comes back! So give it freely!!!

Love you!!!
Hermana Arntsen

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