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It is so true all He asks is that we cross the street and talk with our neighbors! We don´t have to leave families, possessions, or as Elder Holland said “footprints of blood across a frozen prairie floor.”  We’ve just gotta’ open our mouths. In the field they NEVER stop talking about that: abrir la boca. In fact, Elder Ballard was just here and he had a conference with the mission Presidents. He has asked us to start counting our daily contacts so that we measure every day that we at least have ten for each missionary or 20 per companionship so that we feel more of the fire of opening our mouths. My former companion told me “We don’t open our mouths to have contacts or to find new investigators—yes, that is what happens when we open our mouths—but, primarily we open our mouths to keep the Spirit.” It is definitely so true! When there is an hour or two that we don’t really talk to anyone, I start to feel tired and worn out—even if it’s 11am, but when we are constantly opening our mouths we keep the happiness and energy that the Spirit brings with us even if the people with whom we talk don’t want to know anything.

I’m so excited to hear all about the temple celebration! AND DEDICATION!!! WOHOO!! I just saw a picture of the completed Tegucigalpa, Honduras temple, and it looks similar to Gilbert.

So this week! This week we worked so hard! We really saw miracles! And the blessings of opening our mouths! One miracle that was very humbling: we had scheduled a member for almost all the afternoon to accompany us from 3-6, and we were calling to remind her because she forgets a lot and she didn’t answer her phone or the house phone or text messages. It was a devastating moment. Just a couple days before we had passed by her house to talk about the Work of Salvation and involving members more in the work, and she was bawling talking about her parents and how they always had people over at the house to listen to the missionaries and how she wanted her house to be the same. So, we were waiting for her anyway (we had arranged 3 at the church), and I was pretty anxious for her to get there so we said a prayer pleading with Heavenly Father to help her remember to come. We left the chapel at 3:10 to go to our appointment without her. We were in the middle of our appointment when the phone rang—it was her wondering where we were. She had thought it was 3:30 not 3. So, we finished our appointment and went to meet her. WHAT A MIRACLE!!! The power of prayer is REAL!!!!!

We are focusing a ton in the Work of Salvation. If you don’t remember what it is watch the broadcast from June!!!!! It’s BOMB!!! My District Leader describes it like this: there are three columns 1) the missionaries working alone, 2) the members helping the missionaries, and 3) the missionaries helping the members. We all want to be in the third column! That is the Work of Salvation! When the missionaries only help the members teach and baptize their friends. That is the goal of the Lord and that is what we are working so hard for right now! By the time my children serve, we will be in column three!! Oh what a great day it will be when the members are missionaries!!!!!

Loving the work!! Couldn’t ask for a better life or more blessings or a better family!!

I love you all! I love the Lord! I love this work! IT IS ALL TRUE!! FOLLOW THE PROPHET!! HE KNOWS THE WAY!!!

Hermana Arntsen

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