Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March 3, 2014 E-mail

Argentina is great as always! The dedication sounds wonderful! The youth will be remembering and recounting that day for generations to come!! I’m so excited to see the temple, too! It’ll be a blessing beyond imagination!!!!!!!

This week was a buzz of activity! Monday and Tuesday were normal, but Wednesday we had to go to the offices, because I had to do more tramites to be legal. So we traveled the hour and a half to San Fernando only to find the workers were on strike, and I couldn’t do my tramites. Crazy, huh! So I’ll have to go back another day. But, because we had to travel back we arrived late to Zone Training and it was still a really good meeting. Then Thursday our zone was selected with another to participate in a special training with two other zones from the other Buenos Aires missions. Our leaders didn’t know anything about the meeting, just that we all had to look our best and arrive on time! We thought that it might be Elder Ballard because he had been in the city to speak to the Young Single Adults, but it turned out to be Elder Evans of the Seventy—the Seventy in charge of all missionary work in all the world! It was an incredible meeting! I was blessed to be able to participate and have a little conversation with Elder Evans! It was amazing! Then Saturday we only had two hours to work in the morning because we had to travel to Munro (which is far) to help with an Open Chapel there. It’s kind of like a mini Visitor’s Center. They open up the chapel and the missionaries give tours. It starts in the Chapel with a cardboard scale of the Christus and the audio that they have in the Visitor’s Center and then we lead them through a few signs that essentially teach the first few missionary lessons. Then they go to the baptismal font where the Elders are all dressed in white and talk about baptism. And then they go to give us referrals and eat some snacks. It was so great! We were very lucky to participate!! And now it looks like we can do one right here in Caballio!! It’ll be so great!!

So how did it go with praying for the missionaries and their investigators?

I love you all!!!!
Hermana Arntsen

Photos of the Open Chapel

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