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February 17, 2014 E-mail

Yah, I can´t believe I’m on the other side of the world either. Just yesterday we passed a store that had a world map in the window and I looked from Phoenix to Buenos Aires. Far! Soooooo far! But it really doesn´t feel that far (just thirteen hours on a plane haha!) The stars are almost nonexistent here in the city-ish. We are almost outside the city but still you can’t really see the stars with all the lights and pollution. I think I might contract lung cancer from all the second hand smoke! Just a joke, but seriously everyone smokes and I think that prevents me from seeing the stars. I would imagine that they are spectacular! One day when I get transferred to provincia I’ll let you know :D

This week was the baptism of JOHAN!!!!!! His older sister, Stephanie, we found on the bus and she said she was a member and wanted us to visit. So we went by and Johan, her younger brother, hadn’t been baptized. He is so great! He always asks the best questions! He will turn 12 in March and can have the Priesthood!! In the photos Stephanie is the lady with baby, Alex, who is the cutest! Then on the far other side the man with glasses is Luis, Stephanie’s boyfriend. He’s really nice and we’ve been trying to work with him a lot, and then the Hermana in the middle is Solana, Johan’s mom. And there is another young boy who is a friend of Johan’s. The baptism was great! We had to start a little late to wait for certain people to show up. but it was great! Poor Johan got really nervous and almost threw up. He’s wanted to be baptized ever since he was little! The water was so yellow! Because we went to turn on the font to hot water (because poor Nico the other week had cold), and when we came back to check on it the water was steaming and yellow because of the rust in the pipes, I imagine. So we switched it to cool, but it was still yellow. But it doesn´t matter because Bishop and Johan just looked even whiter!

Also I sent some pictures from the Sister’s Conference last week. Every two transfers all the sister’s got together at President’s house and have a meeting and he cooks lunch for us! It was so yum! Also this week I started tramites, or the stuff I have to do to be legal! They finally got my paperwork translated. So what happens is that I came on a travel visa and instead of waiting for the real one. I can do tramites and become legal before the travel visa expires. I did one half this week, and I should do the other half soon and then it’s all set for a year.

Fun fact! There is a Sister in the ward who served in Resestencia and finished just after President Heyman got there! She says they are so great! She’s going to go visit them before they finish this June. How small is this world???!! So small!!

I'm loving life! And I want you all to love life like I’m loving it, so I have a challenge!! The reward is an overflow of the purest joy in all the universe! And I am NOT exaggerating! This is the challenge: ask the Elders who they are teaching, write down their names, pray for them every day, and on Sunday ask the Elders to introduce you to them. Be the wonderful charming friendly people you are!! That is the challenge. Will you do it? I can’t hear you-- remember I’m five thousand miles away you have to scream with all you’ve got! Well I’m certain that by next Monday I will hear your YES! Because I will be asking! :D And all of you who read this from the blog and I don’t know that you are doing this, you have my email and my cup will run over, and your cup will run over, to hear from you too!!! EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY!

I love you!! 

Hermana Arntsen

Hermana Arntsen, Johan, and Hermana Sanchez

 Sisters Meeting--she must be getting enough to eat!

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