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January 27, 21014 E-mail

Yep I was transfered a week early because normal transfers are right now but we are staying the same so no worries. Dad, from the front door of the church follow the side walk towards the road Gaona. (Church, school, plaza, Gaona). The block directly on the other side of Gaona from the church is our block. We live on the far end of that block in that corner exactly. I don´t know north south yet. Yeah it is not too far, just a stake over. But the buildings are significantly smaller, which we notice because we walk in sun all day. But it´s pouring rain right now. I´m so grateful for my boots and coat!!

YAY FOR THE TEMPLE!!!! I´m so excited to see it!!! Yep, we will probably be taking wedding pics there in quite a few years haha!

Everything here is good! We had Zone Conference the other day and it was raining. We were relying on the Elders to helps us get there, because we had never been to this chapel before, and he missed the stop on the bus and we had to walk 19 blocks in the rain in thirty minutes. We walked in just as they were singing the opening hymn! But it was great! I got to see Hermanas Dunn and Escobar again! 

A chico, Nico, got baptized on Saturday! He´s 9, and his dad just got baptized about five months ago,Hermana  Dunn actually taught his dad. Valentin, the dad, got to baptize his son! It was so special!! They are such a cute little family!!

The other day on the bus Hermana Sanchez was talking to this lady who is actually a member, and so I talked to this other lady in front of me with the most adorable baby ever! Turns out she is a member too from Peru. So his her mother and little brother. Her ¨marido¨ or the man she´s living with is not a member, but he's really cool. As well his parents aren´t members and he has a little brother and they are all in the same house. So the little brother of Estefani (the lady with the baby) is 11 and his family   stopped going to church before he could get baptized. He wants to so badly and he´s going to on the 13th of February! Then the little brother of the ¨marido¨ turns 8 in march, and he was so sad last night because he learned that he couldn´t get baptized with Johan, the 11 year old. We´re going to try and make some eternal families out of this house!!

This area is great. The members are really nice and they want to help us grow. Tony is a YSA who just knows almost everything deep doctrine. We always have cool conversations about every random little thing. But the best thing about Tony is that he always brings us Bon o Bons when he goes out to teach with us. A Bon o Bon is a little chocolate that is sooooo good!! It has a chocolate center and then a thin wafer and then it´s dipped in chocolate! Its a litle ball of deliciousness! And he always brings us one!! Woohooo!!

Oh so remember those ¨bed bugs¨? Well they actually weren´t bed bugs. I talked to the doctor because they came back and got really bad, like I couldn't sleep they got really bad. And it turns out I have an alergy to the mosquitos here. When they bite me the venom pops my blood vessels and that´s why they are so big and nasty. So I got some Benadryl and some cream and I´m going to buy permethryn which is so much better than DEET. But they keep biting. Right now I have about 21 bites on my shins calves and the tops of my feet. But what can you do? Just keep swiming swiming swiming!! (Which right now I probably could do because of the puddles in the street haha!!) Yep everything is actually really great here! 

Well, that´s this week! I love you!!
See you next time on What's New from Argentina!
Hermana Arntsen

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