Sunday, 9 February 2014

February 3, 2014 E-mail

I have discovered a love of fruit here! You would just die, Mom, if you saw me! I eat peaches and oranges and cherries and a whole bunch of stuff I didn´t eat before! Also I love juice!!!!! So yum! And this will really kill you! I drink soy juice! But it’s different here there is a soy juice that's like an orange creamsicle in liquid form. It´s delish! Veggies...we´re getting there. One step at a time. I do eat them when they are given, but I haven’t developed a love for them yet. But that could change too.

Love the photo of the temple with Grandpa! He’s looking great! So exciting! And the glass behind you looks incredible!! Can’t wait for the temple!!!!!! Speaking of temple...WE ARE GOING NEXT WEEK!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I’m so excited!! President got it all sorted out and the whole mission is going on the 10th! Best P-Day ever!!!

The temple is the best and happiest place on earth!! That is so cool that the YW walked to the temple! [Pleasant 3rd Young Women walked from Sister Scott’s house in Chandler to the Gilbert temple last week—almost 10 miles.] Give them my congrats! And tell them Hermana Arntsen says this: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TEMPLE! It’s ten minutes from your homes. You can walk to it! You DID walk to it! It is such a blessing to have a temple so close! Use it to your advantage! I promise you the blessings of Heavenly Father! Happiness, pure joy, guidance, comfort, direction, help in school, help in work, help with friends and family! He will never abandon us but we must never abandon Him. SO go to the temple! Seriously, it’s incredible to have one so close. There are people here that can only go one time per year. They have a 12 hour journey to the temple. Others have to leave their country to go to the temple, and I can promise you that they would trade places with you in a heartbeat. Enjoy the temple for me! I love you all!!! Invite your friends!!!

Yep, this is the real world. I think it was Elder Holland who said that mission life is as close to the real world as it gets! Pretty cool, huh!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for this week! We are working so hard and growing even more!! We are not just building the kingdom, the Lord is building us!! This is the best work on the face of the planet and in the entire universe!! And the most wonderful thing is that EVERYONE can participate! “The work of Salvation excludes no one!” Missionaries don’t get baptisms. The members do. We as missionaries only find success as the members help us find investigators, befriend the investigators to help them reach baptism and confirmation, and then as the members continue supporting the converts afterward. Really we barely do anything. The Spirit is the number one teacher and the members are the number one helpers!! We can’t do it without you! So thrust in you sickle with all your might!

Hermana Arntsen

Hermana Sanchez, President Ayre, and Hermana Arntsen at Zone Conference

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