Sunday, 13 April 2014

April 7, 2014 E-mail

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! This year I celebrated my birthday with a SUPER BAPTISM! All the stake had to come to our chapel to watch conference, so all the missionaries had to have their baptisms at our chapel. There were eight I think. I lost count, haha! It was great. All the missionaries sand “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.” I accompanied and my companion and my District Leader played the flute. It was really great. It was also really great because we got to see the other sisters. In the Stake of Liniers there are two zones of missionaries and each zone has one companionship of sisters. So the other sisters had to come obviously, and we didn’t feel so alone or drowning entirely in a sea of elders! (haha!) 

I also ended up celebrating my birthday sick. Wednesday we had Zone Training and we got there early, and while we were waiting for the elders to come who had the keys to the building I started to feel a drain of energy and by the time we got home from Zone Training I had a 101 degree fever. We had to stay in that day. But the next day it was gone and we went out to work. And even the next day I was still really tired but could work, but then that night I started to feel bad again and the fever came back. In the morning of course I felt better though not 100 percent and then at night after working I felt horrible. Finally, we arrive at yesterday. After conference I grabbed my District Leader and the Zone leaders and asked for a blessing. Immediately I felt better and the fever had been gone ever since. THE PREISTHOOD IS RESTORED!!!! THE TRUTH MADE KNOWN TO MAN!!!! What a blessing that when I was sick I had an army of over twenty worthy elders stuck in the same building! 

Conference was really great!! I loved it!! Carmen, our investigator, came. She is so great (referral from members!) but isn’t married and doesn’t want to either. But we talked with the sister that gave us the referral and she said that she and her husband want to come with us to visit Carmen and her boyfriend one day. MEMBERS HAVE THE POWER!!!!! If that was made clear enough in Conference I just have to say it again. haha!

Speaking of Conference I have to give some follow-up. Elder Ballard could not have been more direct on that subject. Do you have a copy of Preach My Gospel? It’s actually really great and not just for missionaries. It’s a “guide for missionary service.” Note: doesn’t say full-time missionary service, just missionary service. I know you’ll love it!

Today I’m going to buy a little cake to celebrate! Thank you for all your support! I love you! Treasure the Book of Mormon! It holds the path to eternal life! This work is TRUER THAN TRUE!!! IT IS THE TRUTH!!! LOVE IT!!! SHARE IT!


Hermana Arntsen

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