Sunday, 28 July 2013

July 22, 2013 E-mail

So this week was good! I don't have a bike anymore because the one I was using was another sister's and the Zone Leaders came to take it back to her so we can't bike anymore. Although and Elder in the zone collects bikes and then uses the parts to construct new ones and he said he might have a bike for me to use so that would be cool.

So the High Councilman (the one who wanted us to play the organ and gave us that awesome promise) assigned to our ward is a chiropractor and he adjusts missionaries for free! So we went it was awesome! Apparently my feet were and inch off and my neck was discombobulated too. Mom, you know how you always mentioned that my neck leaned forward well it doesn't as much anymore! You also know how I can't touch my toes because I don't bend at my hips properly. Well Hermano Bills (the chiropractor) says I have a little bit of scoliosis (or however you spell it). He said I shouldn't be too worried about it as long as I exercise and keep coming to see him while I'm here, but he said that when I get home I should definitely have a chiropractor look at it. He said they would usually take an x-ray but he can't obviously now. So just an FYI I need to see a chiropractor later. I'm telling you, Mom, so someone knows because I will forget. I'm telling you, everyone else, so that I can testify of the hand of the Lord in everything! He knew that I need to go to Argentina but also knew that there are people here who I need and who need me. That scoliosis never would have been found probably if I hadn't come to Sacramento, been assigned to Tracy, had Hermano Bills as a High Councilman, and gone to his office. The Lord is in everything! As long as we are obedient, His will will guide our lives. When His will is guiding our lives-- and we accept it-- the fruits will ONLY be marvelous and leading to eternal perfection. So be obedient, strive to follow all His words, and then watch miracles unfold and godly change come about!

I feel like I had a lot more to say but, as Nephi writes, what I've said sufficeth me! THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL! I HOPE YOU ARE ALONG FOR THE RIDE!!
Love you all (as appropriately as a missionary can ;D)
Hermana Arntsen

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