Sunday, 21 July 2013

July 15, 2013 e-mail

MOMMY and Everyone else!

This week was GREAT!! There were low points but they all paid off! Yesterday we had eaten dinner at the church and finished early so we were letting in digest before going out in the heat when the other sisters (there are three companionships in our ward) came rushing in saying that they had a referral for us and she wanted to see us right now. So we got up and went to meet her. She had just returned from Mexico where she had attended a church activity. Elders had been there and one of them is from Ripon, CA which is in the mission. That Elder told his parents about her and told them to give the referral to the missionaries. So the Ripon sisters texted it to our other sisters and that's how we got it. Anyway, this woman's name is Elvira. She is BOSS! When she was 25 she was diagnosed with terminal, stage 5 uterine cancer and said "No, I'm going to live" and she did! Once she was also kidnapped for ransom which was the equivalent of $1 million and survived! Then she moved here! She is so great! She said she loves the church already and wants to be BAPTIZED!! Whoot! Then her daughter came in and joined us and asked us a ton of questions. Then the daughter’s two teenage sons came and listened and talked with us too, we gave them Books of Mormon as well. They all seemed pretty happy when we asked for a return appointment we all can't wait to go back!

This was only one miracle from yesterday which Hermana Dando and I believe to be the result of a Preisthood promise. Yesterday morning before church she and I had been fiddling on the organ just to see if we could do it and our High Councilman, Brother Bills, came up to us with the biggest smile on his face! (Just last week he said that he hoped one day to have an organist in this ward) He expressed his excitment to hear the organ in Sacrament meeting. We hastily assured him this was the first time we had touched an organ and we weren't going to be playing it during Sacrament. He promised us that if we played the organ, the Lord would bless us and help us. We couldn't let him down and had faith in his promise as a worthy Priesthood holder, so we played the organ in Sacrament meeting. We did very well, Mom, you would be pleased! That was the first miracle: we played well. Next, a less active family we have been visiting CAME TO CHURCH! We were so excited to see them! They seemed a little nervous to be back but the mom said that they intended on coming next week too! That was the second miracle, and then Elvira and her family were the third. It was a wonderful Sunday! So wonderful that the rest of the week and the low points don't matter. They are forgotten through the blessing and grace of Jesus Christ and His Atonement!

Oh, Mom you asked about the bikes. Well there again Christ has shed froth the grace of His Atonement because there is no way I was ever as good at riding a bike as I have been the last two weeks! It's actually enjoyable now!

Dad you asked about weather: last week it was in the 110s but it's cooled off to the mid-90s. There is a ton of wind here in Tracy! I love it!

Oh by the way...I cut my hair today! It's a lot shorter. I'll try and send you a photo as soon as I can. This way it will be cooler for riding bikes and more out of my way during the day.

This work is true! This work is God's! This work is marvelous! This work is wonderful! I know that as you try to take part in it in your lives you will feel the power and the miracles of God's glory!


Hermana Arntsen

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