Sunday, 4 August 2013

July 29, 2013 E-mail

EVERYONE!! and MOM!! (because I love you most!)

This week was pretty cool. We had exchanges and the exchange sister is half Chilean so her Spanish is awesome! It was a really cool experience to learn from her! After exchanges Hermana Marroquin was having terrible leg pain and numbness and craziness! So we went to Urgent Care the other day and they said they had no idea what was wrong so they gave her Ibuprofen and said wait it out. Then she got a blessing but then it was Sunday. And we were at Church. And Hermano Bills (the chiropractor) is at church. So, we say hey Hermano, no one knows what’s wrong with Hermana Marroquin, what do you think? Well, he had her walk around and stretch something then he said okay, it could be one of a few different things come in tomorrow and we'll take an x-ray and figure it out. That was the only straight answer we had gotten about it! It's crazy awesome! Chiropractors know everything! Not really, I'm joking, but it was still such a blessing for Hermana Marroquin and consequently me and Hermana Dando. When your companions are happy you are happy. :D So, if you choose to be the happy one then you will be happy all the time anyway! So choose to be happy!!!

Also, Elvira, the miracle for a couple weeks ago, came to church and is going to be baptized in a few weeks!!! She's golden! And a less active family we haven't really been able to contact came to church yesterday! The Gospel is addictive! And the Spirit!!

I love you all!!! Choose this week to be happy!! I promise you will be if you constantly decide to be!

Hermana Arntsen

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