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November 5, 2013 E-mail and letter, November 11, 2013 E-mail

November 5, 2013

Everything sound so great at home! I'm so excited to hear about everyone.

So this week is transfers and I'M GETTING TRANSFERED!! :D I'm going up to East Sacramento! I'm so excited! I will be serving in the ward that Hermana Jensen just left last transfer! Haha! We just did a little swaperoo! I don't know what the Lord has in store for me and Hermana Jensen but we are for sure going to be stuck together for a while haha. That is really all I have to report. I will be in a trio with Hermana Skidmore (she came out with me) and Hermana Clonts (Hermana Marroquin trained her right before me). I'm so excited and it will be great!

This week was good. Hermana Dando got emergency transferred to Stockton on last Wednesday because a Hermana went home. So Hermana Jensen and I were an actually companionship for a week. It was good but sad. We were on bikes because neither of us is authorized to drive the car so that was fun. We had two flat tires and we had to replace a bike tube so Brother Robinson helped us a little. I have pictures!

Biking was one of the hardest things I have had to do on the mission, but it definitely expanded my view of my abilities and limits. It was a good week.  A couple of our investigators are so close to baptism. They won't quite accept a date yet, but they have felt the Spirit and have noticed the change of repentance in their lives. I'm excited for the progress we have been seeing.
Always a good week in the work!

Hermana Arntsen

November 5, 2013 Letter

Hey Family! 
So guess what? Pretty much the second I got off e-mailing you today, I got a call from an Assistant, Elder Morley, who told me that my assignment has changed.  I am not going to East Sacramento with Hermanas Skidmore and Clonts.  I am going to South Sacramento with Hermanas Hansen and Freestone. That was quite the surprise! I asked Elder Morley what might be the reason for the change (just out of curiosity) and he said: “Just a change we felt needed to happen. When the spirit prompts us we just listen.”  I trust Elder Morley.  Although it may be a little hard, I now it will all be ok.  I just have to trust in the Lord—that he knows where I am and where I need to be going. It may be a little harder, but harder things are ALWAYS worth it in the end. South Sac here I come!
Love from a missionary,
Hermana Arntsen

Hermana Arntsen & Hermana Jensen--5 months out!

November 11, 2013
Everything is great here in South Sac. So the mission is divided into zones which align almost exactly with stake boundaries. I was in the Manteca Zone in Tracy with the Manteca Stake. They were going to transfer me to the East Sac zone and that stake but instead I got transferred to the South Sac zone and this stake. I love it here. Everything is really great! My companions are so much fun and I love them so much!!!!!!!! The area is great! Very ghetto but great.

I'm in a branch now not a ward, but it's really great the people are wonderful! We live in an apartment complex on the corner of Mack Rd. and Valley Hi in Sacramento (for Dad if he wants to see the area). The area goes as far North as Florin road and as far South as Bilby, if you can find it it's just south of Elk Grove Blvd. Then we have the two freeways as boundaries on the sides. It's a lot bigger than Tracy but that's good, more people to meet.

The other day we went to knock on a potential investigator's door and his nephew answered who apparently was about to get baptized a few years ago and is the nephew of the Elders Quorum president in our branch. He's awesome and we are excited to teach him, Omar.

My companions are a blast! Hermana Hanson trained Hermana Jensen so we are almost just swapping. Hermana Hanson is from South Jordan and she wants to be an EMT. She is downright hysterical! And so loving! A wonderful missionary! Hermana Freestone I already knew. She was the companion of the exchange sister in Tracy, so I already spent a few days with her and love her! She brings out the gangster in me, haha! She is a really good missionary and really cares for the people and has a great vision for improvement! I'm so excited for this area and this transfer.

I'm almost at my six month mark! AAHH!! I can't think about it! The time is flying TOOOO fast! But I'm excited for the time I do have to be a missionary and serving here is great!

I'll keep an eye out for Elder Clausen when I get there (Buenos Aires) which I still don't know when that is. But Elder Sorensen, who was in my MTC district and just got there, says that it the highest baptizing in South America, so that's exciting!

Bring as many people as you can to the Gilbert Temple open house! It's a great no-harm missionary opportunity! In Tracy there was an Elder from Gilbert and he said to me, Sister Arntsen why does the cultural celebration have to be at Hamilton?! That's not even in Gilbert and Hamilton is the worst! Haha! I thought it was so funny! Later he admitted it was a good school. Haha!

Have the best week! Be a missionary!

Hermana Arntsen

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