Sunday, 11 May 2014

May 5, 2014 E-mail

WOW! So many things happening!! Where to begin! With YOU! Like always!! We actually did find Vladimir again but they couldn't go to church because Victor has a neck problem and had to go to the hospital :( But next week, next week!

Ellie and Stassja are GRADUATING!! WHAT????!!!!!! Woah! Hold the phone! Wow! They´re so old! I CAN´T BELIEVE IT! Yah, here it´s getting colder. I have gotten out the coat and the tights but I don´t need them every day. Buenos Aires is temperamental and bipolar--it never knows if it wants to be cold or hot! We've been getting some more rain, which I think becomes a constant thing in the winter but we´ll see.

God keeps teaching me a lesson very important every week and each time even stronger. MEMBERS ARE ESSENTIAL TO THE WORK OF SALVATION! This Sunday was going to be the baptism of Jessica. Every day we had a lesson with her and she met a counselor in the bishopric—everything was progressing just wonderfully. Friday she had to stay last minute at college for something and couldn't get to the appointment and then Saturday she was sick and couldn't get to her interview. We called and sent messages and tried to stop by with the Elders to give her a blessing, but nothing. We even asked Tony, who was going to baptize her, to check on Facebook. Then Sunday—nothing in the morning—she didn't come. Quite a few members asked for her even the Bishop! Then later we had correlation with our ward mission leader. He added her on FB and they started to chat during the meeting and she told him that she didn't have credit on her cell to send messages or calls and that she felt bad because she couldn't communicate with us (the missionaries), and that when we stopped by her mom saw who it was but didn't tell her, so she didn't know to open the door. She was really upset and distraught. Then during correlation Tony called and asked if we were doing anything or if we had time to go do a visit. We said of course and to whom? He said Jessica! I almost screamed on the phone I couldn't believe it! He had talked with her and arranged to meet! So, we went and had a lesson with her. We, missionaries, hardly said anything, and Tony and Jessica did a lot of the talking. Seems strange but it was exactly what she needed—to know she has friends and to know that we care and that God cares. It was a miracle! Now she has more hope and feels more loved and has more strength to prepare for her baptism this Sunday! Without the members this would not be a reality. They acted of their own free will; we didn'´t ask them to and because of their motivation and love for her, we found her again. WE, missionaries, CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU, members!!!!!!! I can´t say it enough! WE NEED YOU!!!! FOR THE WORK OF SALVATION!!! GOD NEEDS YOU!!! So let´s get to it and watch the miracles happen!!! This is the work of the Lord! He directs it and invites to be His instruments! Let´s get to work!

Love you!

Hermana Arntsen 

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