Sunday, 16 November 2014

November 10, 2014 E-mail

This week the weather was so beautiful!!!! But, now the clouds came again and it heated up. It is getting into summer after all! 

It has been a very jam-packed 18 months! I feel like they’ve flown, but at the same time it has been a long 18 months. It’s a strange combination of feelings.

So, this week was great, as always! I hit a new personal record for member present lessons taught in a week! And, this week President has challenged the entire mission to break the records of the area in lessons with a member present, investigators in sacrament meeting, and investigators with a baptismal date! VAMOS!!!!!!

As a mission this year we have the goal of 2000 baptisms, and we are well on our way to hitting it by the end of December!!!!!! 

This weekend an apostle is coming! I think it is Elder Christofferson!!

The Relief Society has announced that they are throwing me a farewell get together next Monday! I couldn’t ask for a better time to be a missionary!!!!! Or a better time to honorably finish a full time mission!!!!!!! Quite literally the BEST 18 MONTHS OF MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE!!!!!!!! Oh, and President Ayres did a flip on the trampoline! (
Do the work!!!!!


Hermana Arntsen

Hermana Arntsen and Hermana Zendejas

Zone Conference
Hermanas doing community service painting

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