Tuesday, 28 May 2013

First Letter from MTC! May 23, 2013

Querido familia!
Gracias for your letters!  I just got them today!  Tell Mary to hang in there and write to me when she gets her mission call!! 

There were about 20 missionaries on the plane here. Esta loco!  Michael made me a pb & honey sandwich for lunch. :)

Life here is great. Mi compenera es Hermana Kelsei Jensen, the girl I found on Facebook going to Arngentia.!  We were supposed to be a trio but the otra hermana didn't show.  I was just assigned senior companion which is a humbling thing. I don't have much time but I'll write more on p-day (Thursday)!

Muchas amor!
Hermana Arntsen

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  1. She's amazing!!! I can feel all of the muchas amor!!!